Jayne's new song, “Lonely One,” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Peloton, and Pandora.  

Here are some of the reviews her song has received:


"Everything about this song is great, the music, the singer's beautiful voice, the singer's excellent technique, I never get tired of listening to this song."  Moonlight Playlist (Netherlands)

"I just listened to Jayne Taylor's LONELY ONE and thought, "She kind of redefines the how one thinks of the word 'lonely'." First there is that infectious beat. Then there is her 'crystal clear and pure' - crystalline vocals."
"The way Jayne moves up and down the scale with her voice is amazing . The level of 'amazing' jumps a few notches higher when the harmony kicks in. What a refreshing and fun track."   Ken Raisanen -  Music Director WOAS- FM (Ontonagon, Michigan)

“Jayne Taylor’s new single, Lonely One, is a memory from a period when those singles were king, queen, the princess of pop, and the retro feel is perhaps a large nod to the undisputed royal family, that of Abba, and those who gave a groove to the television on a Thursday night, and the radio on a Sunday evening.”

“Produced by the legendary Gary Tanin and the artist herself, Lonely One is a catchy tune, but one that digs deep into the psyche of decision, the choice we have whether we are a victim to the circumstance, or the hero of acceptance, and it is in this lyrical dichotomy that the music flows like a comfortable river and one that the listener cannot but help jump into and feel the coolness of resolve take hold.”  Ian D. Hall from Liverpool Sound & Vision (United Kingdom)


"In summary, I reaffirm that “Lonely One” is an exceptionally emotional and beautiful song.  The combination of a powerful, sweet and emotional voice with moving and touching lyrics and music full of melodies of pleasant tones, make it one of those songs that deeply touches the heart of those who listen to it."  Platinum Playlist  (Chile)